Steve Adell, mid 1980’s

Steve Adell

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I have some sad news to report about one of our Better Bodies family.  Steve Adell has passed away, Steve trained at a few gyms back in the day, but he always stopped by Better Bodies for a work out, i remember he was the first guy I had ever seen bench 405 lbs [thats for 45lb plates on each side], he was also an important model for the nascent “ Better Bodies Model Management” . feel free to share any memories. RIP Steve……..

Ben Rodriguez, Steve Adell, Brian Moss 2014 Better Bodies Reunion

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  1. Carol

    Heartbreak … please, what happened? He was a dear friend. If someone could send me an email it would be appreciated.

  2. Steve was one of my close friends. I introduced him to bodybuilding and he grew like an oak! We both moved to Florida together before our bodybuilding days and then trained together in NY when we moved back to our home town. I was there when Steve stood next to Rich Gaspari in 1983 at the Junior Nationals. He had an amazing physique but saw the politics of the sport and made a quick exit.

    When he recently moved to LA, coming home from France, he got in touch so we could meet and catch up. Unfortunately with my packed schedule we never did get that chance to see each other after 30 years as planned.

    Steve was a free spirit and a guy who never sat still. A one of a kind man, Steve was always a great friend and brother. I have some crazy, wild memories of the many years we spent hanging out at NY Tech in college, the Florida and NY night clubs and the many gyms we trained at.

    He will sadly be missed.

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