PM Magazine

This video is a segment that ran on “PM Magazine” in 1985. This was the first-ever “magazine-format” TV program. The segment featured the modeling agency I created to market muscular physiques, which we ran out of the gym. There is some great footage of Gladys Portugues and Carla Dunlap posing at a party I did with Chi Chi Valente and Johnny Dynell at the Limelight, in NYC. Chi Chi and Johnny were Better Bodies members from the very beginning. They still rule New York night life 25 years later. Amazing.

A few weeks ago, I uncovered an old VHS tape [remember VHS?] that I produced around 1985. The opening segment was a four minute “music video” that I put together to introduce the advertising world to Gladys Portugues. MTV had just launched a few years earlier, so I guess that is what influenced me. The point I was trying to make was that as women’s bodies began to change and get more muscular through serious weight training, advertisers would need to take note, and reflect that. Enter: Gladys. Excuse the quality, but it is a 25 year old VHS that has been converted to digital.