Steve Adell

I have some sad news to report about one of our Better Bodies family.  Steve Adell has passed away, Steve trained at a few gyms back in the day, but he always stopped by Better Bodies for a work out, i remember he was the first guy I had ever seen bench 405 lbs [thats for 45lb plates on each side], he was also an important model for the nascent “ Better Bodies Model Management” . feel free to share any memories. RIP Steve……..

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Pam McHenry

In preparation for a 1986 local contest in NYC

Danceteria, 30 West 21 Street

Charlie Thomas [far left] Johnny Dynell [second from left] both Better Bodies members

Pumpin’ Iron at the Tender Age of 86

In the summer of 1984 or 1985 my eldest son took me to a Gym he had found in Chelsea. It was Better Bodies, on 21st Street. One flight up. Read more…

Some great “new” photos sent to me by Laura Fucci [1983]

Kay, Brian Moss, Gladys Potugues, Suzy Alalof, Mike Alalof, Kirsten Buchholz, Laura Fucci, Nancy Pollack

12 West 21st, Today….

I happened to be walking by the original location of Better Bodies [12 West 21st]. Ever since Better Bodies moved to 22 West 19st the original space was a furniture store. Incredibly it is a gym again. How amazing, with all of the space available in the area, the second floor of 12 West 21st is a gym again. I rung the buzzer of the freight elevator, because I knew that the same “super” was still there, 30 years later. He offered to take me upstairs and show me the space. It was actually a pretty emotional experience for me to stand where i stood for so many years. The front right corner was still an office, and believe it or not the front left corner, where we had our dumbell racks, once again, has dumbell racks, 27 years later!



Joe Selva

RIP Big Joe…..i met Joe Selva at Westside Bodybuilding in 1981, he was one of the managers along with my future partner Mike Alalof.

Membership Card Holder


i still have this thing, we used to place your card in it while you worked out

Nick Ballo, Brian and Mike

Me and Nick Ballo, note Gladys’ Ms. Olympia medal on the wall behind me

Gladys and Benny posing at a fashion show

gladys and benny posing at a fashion show for member #199 ronald jackson